Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Under Attack
Well, quite a bit has actually happened since I last posted. Don (my friend Charisse's grandpa, my pastors father in law..and a close friend so hundreds of people) passed away thursday night last week. The wake was on Monday and the funeral on Tuesday. I didnt go because Crystal didnt have enough gas plus we didnt personally know him.. but I hear about it. For one thing, and it really makes me happy; a lot of people got saved at his funeral. That is just the coolest thing! Like.. I want people to get saved at my funeral! What better way to go, seriously?! That is just, so cool. Secondly..there was a nurse at the funeral..a friend of Dons I guess, and she saw how pale Jasmine was. (Jasmine is the neice of Don.) The nurse told Julie (the mom) to take Jasmine to the hospital because she was too pale. So, later Jasmine was taken to the hospital and she has leukemia (sp?) That just like.. is so horrible. But something that makes the mood lightened is that we know the pastors family and the Miz's are so strong in their walks with the Lord, such a threat to satan as they spread the truth around that the devil was so compelled to attack them in all these areas. But the Lord knows they can handle it. Ah, I love that theyre so strong in the Lord the devil feels the need to attack. Anyway, tonight at youth group nobody was there really. No Jill, no Jackie, no Jules, No Erik. Though Dan was there.. The message was awesome though. About 10 people went up at the end to dedicate the month of October to focusing completely on the Lord. A lot of the other kids just left.. but still, 10 people is truely amazing. I was just sitting in my seat and praying for them and for Dan. Well, Im sick of typing. Though there are other things I could say.. like how the pictures I took of tiff, jill, jax, and reese came out pretty good and how i printed about 10 pages in black and white at the library today.. or how these kids at school call me "Jesus Lover" and how other kids (i.e. seth) put their hands up in an 'X' mark when they see my christian clothes... This kid Dave was laughing when he saw my shirt today (Says "Jesus Saves, The offer still stands.") but then later he apologized.. Anyway, as I said before, there are other things I can talk about but Im not particularly interested in journaling lately. Quickly, I'll say that Darren is back from his mission trip to Egypt and I cant wait to hear about it. I got the new Hilary Duff CD and I really like it, though now I owe Crystal $10.00. I am applying at Hallmark this week and trying to get a work permit so please keep that in prayer. And also keep the talent show in prayer because I want it to be really awesome and I dont know what Im going to wear. :-)

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Well, lets see. Going way back to Friday, I walked from my house to Weathers Field Way Park then Dad picked me up and we went to Jewel. But on my walk I called Theo, I wanted to clear things up and fix thre friendship. Or reconcile whatever was left of it. We talked for about 20 minutes, and by the end of the conversation he came to the decision that he didnt trust me and didnt want to be my friend. I mean, it is somewhat understandable because I did talk to Melody about him and tiffany, but because I was looking out for Tiff, I dont think it was really wrong. In his defense it was because it was pretty cofidential information. I apologized but he didnt care yeah. A part of me is almost relieved that he ended the friendship because it was at the point where he didnt appreciate anything.. I let him sleep at my house for 2 weekends...brought him to a concert.. etc..and he is so willing to stop the friendship right there, because i "broke his trust" in a situation with tiffany that he got himself into. But besides that, I do wish things didnt have to end like that. It sucks. But, it is what it is and Im not going to let it get me down; Im just going to continue praying for him and I ask anyone else to lift him up in prayer. Saturday was the church picnic. I hung with Tiffani-Nicole and Jill mostly. We roamed around and I took some pictures of them. Then we had the meeting of youth group for girls about modesty. It was good. Umm, okay, so Sunday was Praise in the Park. I stayed with Charisse, Jax and Jill after church and took some pictures of them around the park. It was cool. Then we went to Praise in the Park. I called Eman and talked to him for about a half hour. He told me a bit about what happened and its got me really worried. Just, guys..please lift him up in prayer. I cant give details yet because hes still secretive about it and its not my place, so..just pray for him in general. Um.. I missed monday night study because I was sick.. Today, Tuesday, was tiffanys birthday! Happy birthday TIFF! Heh, I made her a booklet of pics of her and theo..Its kinda cute, but umm. Then I went out with my Ma after my half day of school and we went to the Saturn Dealer. Walked out (Drove out in a ) 2004 Saturn ION. Its nice. lol. New car! Its silver. Yay. we went driving around for about an hour and a half, just cruising. Okay well.. thats about it for now.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Phone Call

Wow! For one, youth group was kinda annoying. Everyone was running around humping each other jokingly.. We watched Different Strokes.. they made all this popcorn and people just threw it around like nothing else! Was really rude and I know if I was leader to that group, Id be really upset. But anyway, on the ride home from youth group, Aunt Linda called my cell. She had NEVER called me before. Until of course she talked to my dad and found out I was thinking of moving out. She kept me on the phone for 40 minutes, telling me how I should be acting, ect. Then she starts saying my mom doesnt know how to properly love someone. Well, for one, she wouldnt know because all she goes by is what my dad remembers about my mom from 5 years ago. Secondly, she thinks my dad is so great at showing love but its all physical! Oh well.. then she tells me to talk to a psychologist.. like her son Michael did at my age. Then she says.. everything is only good in moderation. You cant do something to an extreme.. (talking about religion). There is no "too deep." I know the Lord and I base my life off of what I learn about it. I thirst to learn more of His ways and grow closer to Him.. and if that is "too deep" to people, then so be it. I know the Lord wants so much more than anything I can ever give Him, so I dont see how Im doing too much. Sounds crazy to me. Obviously right now Im a bit Im going to stop talking and wait to cool down. Wooh

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Kicked out?

Well, me and Dad got into a fight yesterday. Here is the story. On the way to school in the morning, I asked Crystal for my headphones back. She said she left them at home, but the thing is I gave her headphones back to her the other day. She did not hear me say I also wanted mine back so she left them at home. So, before I got out of the car I took my CD back from her and said she couldn’t use it so she had nothing to listen to all day. She started yelling at me in the car, then apparently called Dad from school and told him I was arguing with her in her car. So, after school Dad sat me down and was like “Number one, you CAN NOT yell at your sister while she’s driving! We have been over this before. I’m really sick of your attitude towards me, and your sister.” I did not say anything the whole time really. Then he says “And you need to pick up the towels in the bathroom after you take a shower! I am sick of telling you a thousand times to do something and then you never do it! Pick up your crap.” (I put a towel down on the floor when I take a shower because he clips his toenails, smokes in that bathroom, and does not clean the floor so it’s disgusting. I do not want to touch it) Well, then he says, “You spend all your time on the internet, stay up late, and don’t pull your weight around this house! You’re lucky I give you the privilege of the internet! You have everything you could possibly want! You have NO idea how lenient I am with you girls. You can not even imagine what any other father would do.” I do not know where the transmission happened, but he started talking about my moving in with Mom again. He says, “You would have nothing there! No internet, nothing. You think you’d like it better there?” (Yes, I said, I do not need the internet.) He says to me, “Then you can’t use it!” So now, I cannot go on anymore. Also said he is going to take away my cell phone. He goes on saying how he would not allow me to leave so I said that would be up to the judge, not him; That I am old enough where the judge would ask what I wanted and most likely let me. He got so mad and said, “You know what, go live with your mom! I will pay her $125 to take you! Leave! You will be miserable. I hope you know what your doing!” So I walked away… :: sigh:: I don’t know what I’m going to do now. I will tell Mom after school what happened because she is picking me up to go to Car Max with her.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Naomi got asked out (not just a catchy title!) EHH!

Well, a lot has KINDA been happening. Im going to start with today and make my way back as far as I can remember; as far as updates go. For one thing, after school today! Crystal had to go to Art Club for an officers meeting so I was sitting outside for an hour waiting. I didnt really have a problem with it. I could have gone to a club but I just felt like chilling. So okay, Im walking around for about 20 minutes by the front doors. A few thoughts pop into my head about witnessing or being a good example but I didnt act on it. Im just walking, and looking, and walking, and looking, right? Okay, so I see this small note on the ground and naturally, I think "Ooh juicy!" You know, thinking it had potential to put in my book, so I pick it up. It was Isaiah 50:4. It reads: "The Lord God hath given me the tongue of the Learned that I should know how to speak a word in season to (him that is) weary: he wakeneth morning by morning, he wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned." So, I just intepreted it as...God telling me Ive heard the truth and know it. I can talk about it to the weary/people who dont know what I do. So I went and sat on a bench. A few seconds after I did this boy walks up to sit on the bench beside the one I was on and I just said 'hi' to be friendly. He asked if he could sit by me and I was just like 'oh yeah, sure..' You know, I figured it was a good oppurtunity to talk about the Lord. First impression, nice kid.. Had clammy hands.. (I know because when we introduced ourselves he shook my hand.. his name was Matthew) Well anyway, we started talking. I asked a lot of questions to just get to know him, be friendly.. set the air to a calmer feeling. Anyway, asked him his name, obviously, year in school (sophomore), age (15), some classes he has (only mensioned gym and lunch is A), what kind of car he wanted (a lambrigini [sp?] ), where he wanted to travel (Rome)... what kind of music he likes (hilary duff..ashlee simpson) you know, just random questions. I asked what kind of things he does afterschool.. oddly enough.. >_> he said he is selling his moms couch on Ebay without her knowing.. Anyway, asked him if he goes to church.. Said he goes to Willow Creek. -_- Um, yeah. I just asked some things like if hes involved in a youth group (yes) ect. He swore and I made a face and hes just like "oh you dont like swearing? Im sorry" He asked me if I have a boyfriend.. (stupidly..force of habit, I said no.. but the truth is I do.. right now as I said before Jesus is my boyfriend and Im dedicated to Him.. ) So yeah.. I kinda get the feeling hes a bit slow BECAUSE (yes i have a reason) he asked me out! Gr. It was horrible! I said no..I didnt know him.. and hes like "well, I can meet you at lunch and we can talk.." And I was just like.. uh, no, Im sorry.. Made sure he wasnt upset..but yeah.. I hope he doesnt come out to lunch where I sit tomorrow. Yikes, hes a nice kid but... I just didnt know what to do in that situation. Well, yeah.. that was definately the weirdest thing today.. er, all year so far. Besides that.. nothing too much really highlights. I may update later.. A small note... Theo is upset with me.. not tooo sure why. Melody went to youth group Saturday and enjoyed it at first but after thinking it over she felt a bit uncomfortable with the topic.. Dad found out I may want to move in with my ma and things are getting tense.. Crystal says Im a selfish brat... >_> Anyway, thats all for now.