Thursday, June 24, 2004

New York City Population: 8.1 million

Well, all week I have been getting things for New York. Mom bought me alot because she doesnt like my clothes..they embarass her. Oh well. She was given the chance to work overtime finally so she made a few hundred dollars, which is what she spent on me and Crystal. I got 2 new pants, 2 new shirts, some socks and other things, new shoes, a hat, and a new hoodie..shampoo..a yeah. Im excited.

We're leaving tomorrow... Im not sure if I fully grasp that yet. In my head Im like "yeah..were leaving. But until I really think about leaving and what Im going for, I dont get the gitters." Tonight, I have to finish packing, catch up in the bible reading (I let myself slip away in reading since school let out) and clean the house..and watch The Green Mile.

So I have been doing the funniest things again. We bought a few new CD's for the train ride, and I was in the car trying to open "Sanctus Real: Turn the Tides" It would not open. I was struggling with the plastic wrap so I said under my breath "I hate you you monsterous peice of plastic!" Lol. It didnt seem all that funny until Crystal started cracking up.

Also, when were situated on the train and there is a silence..Im going to look around, then jump up and go "R-E-S-P-E-C-T thats what it means to me. Sock it to me, Sock it to me, Sock it to me, Sock it to me! while swinging my arms back and forth. Oh, and another thing peple find to be funny is when I just say "Im content" and nod. Jill thinks its funny and Theo was cracking up online when I said it.. Ahh..good times.

Hmm. I got the Thousand Foot Krutch CD for $7.99, the Skillet "Hey you I love your soul" CD for $6.99 but I only payed $3.50 because Crystal paid for the other half, FuseBox, and Crystal got Sanctus Real. Lots of new CD's..

Today I went to the laundry mat to do some laundry before I go..I met this older man there who started talking to me as I was munching on Fridos. He wanted to see how many calories it had. Random huh? He followed in telling me how his wife is trying to make him eat 1200 or less caloories per day and that he was dying to get some fridos to eat with tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwhich (and pour the fridos in the soup instead of crackers) It was all very funny. Also at the laundry mat, we were watching Who wants to be a millionaire (however its spelled!*). After that show Mom showed up, hah, and I was watching the news. They said "Chicago is shrinking!
1. New York - 8.1 million
2. Los Angelos - (dont remember)
3. Chicago - 3.1 million
This worried me...I thought Chicago was busy and had a lot of people..but..New York has 5 million more!!! Im not good with big crowds. It makes me cranky and I just get really, thats one of my top prayers now. EEH!

Went to a prayer meeting last night. It was nice. I really like it when people come together for prayer..its comforting and its so much stronger. While everyone was my head I started praying for Theo, Paul, Jesse, Phil..and just all my friends who haven't come to know the Lord, or like in Jesse's case, is struggling.

Welp, this is my last post before New York so people, please keep the youth group and church in prayer. And really the city of New York to be open and willing to hear Gods word when we're there. Be back in 10 days (july 3rd!) WOOH!

Sunday, June 20, 2004

New Yok Cit-ae!

Well. We're leaving for New York in five days! Well, closer to four days. Things are coming along nicely. On Saturday we had the team building activity and it was terrifying! We had to go 25 feet off the ground and walk on wire/ropes! We were in a harness and it was compeletely safe, but something about it is really scary. I did four of the activities and then got off. Crystal did one. Everyone else attempted them all. Erik missed ou, which stinks because besides the fear factor element it was fun.
This morning in church they had everyone going to New York go up and they prayed over us. Then when we get back they said we will have to share our experiences. What I find really cool though is that were the first youth to go on a mission trip. Were also the first to go in our church. Meaning, its our church doing this, and thats it. And its really cool to know that we are the original youth group. When new generations come to that church, we will be the references people make. "Well, our first youth group went on a mission trip to New York.." Lol, I think its really cool. My adopt a youth partner gave me a list of great verses and my own "when you menu." Its really cool.

Hm, friends. Tiffani's birthday party was fun. Im not sure if she liked it too much, i hope she did. I just wrote her the card and Crystal painted her a faerie. Jill, TIff, and I stayed up until about 4:00 a.m. We went to the work out room and hung outt while everyone else was sleeping.

And I talked to Jesse. We almost stopped talking all togehter, but I think things are going to be okay.

Theo is not mad at me anymor about the "vibe thing" He did say something though.. He said "i mean...........when ever you are debating with allways have to be right......its allways....either your way or highway........and when ever i disagree with you...i hold my tounge...most of the time....just because i know that my head will get bitten off....and why bother argueing when its allways a fight to the death...and naomi is allways the victor." I dont know if its true...i feel like its not, but then again of course I would. I asked Jesse if Im like that and he said no, not at all.. Maybe hes trying to be nice though. But what he said i that I always back down in debates because I dont want to make anyone mad. That Im really careful about what I say and that in no way have I ever had to be the victor with him. But yeah, maybe Im different with different people? I dont know, I must be at fault in some way otherwise he wouldnt think that.

Umm. There is a Skillet concert (among other bands) on July 18th. Mom told me it was on the Fish Radio Station. She wants to go..but shes not sure if she can. I have to go! I just gave to. muahaha! CONCERT, WOOH! Im joining the upcoming bible study in church on Proverbs. It should be good and Im excited. Welp, signing out now.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Breifly Stated

Wow, I havent updated in a long time huh? Sorry about that. I'll give you all a breif update.

I passed math. In the process of signing up for summer school my councelor called and said I passed.. I'll be in lower level (114) Geometry next year which is completely fine with me. Compared to what it would have been, lower level algebra one and then algebra one in junior year.. Im happy with the outcome.

Dad has another problem. He is actually going back to the hospital as we speak. They say he will only be there until Sunday. He was not going to go in until after we get back from New York because he has to watch Cleo but I guess this is fine. Also, leaving me to feel guilty considering she is my dog.

New York. Jackie hurt her back and has strep throat. Julia hurt her leg. The team is falling apart! Really though, spiritual warfare is getting the best of the situation. Prayer is definately what we need now.

Theo and Tiffany like eachother. My first reaction was "Aww, how cute!" He told me they are waiting for eachother and that he wont be sleeping around anymore. I only hope that when they do get together, they dont sleep together. Theo Instant Messaged me today and asked what I "Really" thought of him and Tiffany liking eachother. I said its cool. He told me Tiffant and him got some vibes from me telling otherwise when I talked to them. I dont see how thats possible seeing as how Ive barely talked to either of them lately. Oh well.

Mom and me bought a movie pass to Blockbuster. Ive been renting 2-4 movies everyday. Ive rented Big Fish, God is Great and I am not (French movie, dumb!), Happenstance (another french movie, very cool but kinda dirty at some parts), Gothika (dumb and just wrong), Nickoles Nickelby (AWESOME!), The Haunted Mansion (dumb), Versus (didnt watch it, Crystal rented it and said it was dumb), Lost in Translation (also didnt watch..wish I did, Crystal did, said it was okay.), Minority Report (watched some but DVD player skipped so I stopped), Somethings gotta' give (funny but predictable), and probably some more that Im forgetting.

Anyway, thats a breif update. New York is coming! Woop Woop!