Monday, August 27, 2007


Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Move-In Story

Thursday finally came and I had all my belongings packed up and loaded into Crystal's car. The night before was spent with Kami as we each made a photo book that consisted of 150 photos of us. It was emotional - we ended it by sitting at Denny's with a sundae and coffee for each of us as we reminisced our summer. Before she left we shared a cry and that was it. Thursday morning (in the wee hours of 3 and 4 am) I hung out with Travis and we said our sort of goodbyes. After talking to him I went upstairs and as I shut the door I started sobbing - I guess realizing that the summer was over and I wouldn't be seeing anyone much anymore. Crystal got home around 12 from work and we headed to NIU for my move-in. Even as we pulled out of the apartments I was tearing up. THe entire ride there I was upset and exhausted from that mornings crying and lack of sleep. All I wanted to do was get to NIU and go to sleep.

We arrived at NIU around 1:30 but were unable to get the Grant Towers until about 2. Nobody seemed to be able to direct us in the right direction and it was all just very chaotic. Finally we found a guy who knew basically what was going on so he told us where to park and what to do. We were about to pull away to check in but he told us we might want to wait because a storm was rolling in. I guess we were either too eager to start this move-in process or just plain dumb but we decided to go on ahead and check in.

We arrived at the parking lot near Grant Towers and the move-in team started unloading our car and putting all my belongings on these go-carts which would take my stuff to my dorm and from there I would check in and take my stuff up to my floor (8th floor. -_-) It started to rain as they unloaded my stuff. I got on one of the go-carts carrying my stuff but Crystal was told she had to move her car so she went to do this. (this all happened in a matter of minutes). Well as I pulled away from her and as she pulled away from me we both realized that I left my purse in the car which had my cell phone and my ONE card (which allows me to check into my dorm and start moving in).

I got to the dorm and they unloaded my stuff to sit outside the dorm building - I went in to stand by the other half of my stuff inside. It started to downpour. The wind picked up and it was lightening up the whazoo. The next thing I know I'm running outside to try and collect my stuff. Part of my belongings were outside (my laptop, DVD's, case of Monster and water, bedding, etc), part of them were inside (my books and some bags of stuff) and then somewhere else inside the rest of my stuff was (desk stuff, suitcase, bins of stuff, etc). I finally got all my stuff in one spot INSIDE and was situated - all I had to do was wait for Crystal to get there with my ONE card.

I asked to use someones cell phone and I called her and she said she was on her way to my tower. A few minutes after the phone call they made an announcement that we all needed to go down to the basement because a tornado was in the area. I was freaking out as I walked downstairs; tearing up as I stood in the hall in the basement. I kept thinking to myself how I wanted Travis there to hug me or Kami there to calm me down or simply stand with me. Anyone who is anyone knows that tornadoes are not my thing - they are actually one of the major things I was worried about when choosing which college to go to.. tornadoes and coffee options. :P

Anyway, they ended the evacuation and we went back upstairs. Again I borrowed someones cell phone and called Crystal and left a message. A few minutes later this girl stood up and said we needed to get back to the basement NOW because the tornado was like 5 miles away. As I went to the basement I was freaking out - not only about the tornado now but worrying about whether Crystal was okay. Again, we were told it was safe to go upstairs so I bolted up and borrowed someones cell phone but no answer from Crystal. Like 10 minutes after that she found me - she was sopping wet and had sprained her ankle while running from her car to get the dorm at which point the tornado alarm started going off.

We began the crazy task of lugging all my belongings to the elevator and up to the 8th floor and down the hall to my room. My roommate was already there and waiting for me. Her name is Kalimah and shes pretty much amazing. She helped me bring my stuff up and it turns on we have a lot in common. The interesting about it is I was told that I was in Grant B and that my roommate was Tiffany Jackson -- but I am in Grant A with Kalimah. I prayed after I got my housing assignment that God would be over it because I did not have a good feeling. Then all this happened without my knowing it but I ended up with this great girl who loves the TV show Scrubs and who loves all kinds of music and who watches anime and has been to Africa. :D I may not be too close to God right now but I can see His work in front of me still which is pretty awesome.

Thursday evening was insane - they were constantly getting on the intercom and announcing the status of the storm. Dekalb was flooding and impassible for a few hours so Crystal was stuck there. Finally around 10:30 we decided that I could go home for 2 nights. That brings me to now - Saturday night. It is my first night in the dorm and its alright. I miss Travis a lot, and Crystal and Kami. :[ It's weird not being with any of them right now. Ive never lived without Crystal! :[ But so far I am doing okay... I have my room all set up and cute and its real homey so its not too bad. Tomorrow I have to roam around campus and try to find where the crap my classes are located. BLEH!

Monday, August 06, 2007

With the summer coming to an end I feel the need to debrief on some things. For the most part I have succeeded in attending CC O'hare; at least long enough for my mother to be willing to cosign the loans. I am scheduled to leave for NIU on the 23rd - though I have yet to receive my room mate assignment. -_- I am nervous to go but I can not wait to leave.

Just a week ago I got my first pap smear. It wasnt as bad as some people made it out to be but its not something I would look forward to. The reason I really wanted to get it though was because in early July I got a phone call from a close friend of mine telling me she had a brain tumor and was going into surgery in just 2 days. Thankfully the surgery went well and she is healing from it now but it left me paranoid. Every little thing was enough to convince me that I, too, had some sort of tumor. A simple yeast infection led me to believe I had cervical cancer. :P

Travis and I are doing good. We have hit some rough terrain but we are trying to get through it together. I dont know what exactly will happen when I leave for school; he says we'll stay together... I'm not sure I see that realistically. In the mean time I will just carry on in the game of wait and see.

Overall I'd say it was a good summer - I didn't stay home for a single day. Every day it was either Kami or Travis. For awhile we hung out with Travis' group of Drew, Shane, Jon, Kevin, Tiffy, Desmond, and sometimes Tom. Then we joined Crystal in her group of Devan, Adam, Jake, and Clifton. Then it was Kami's group/s of Mark & Christina or Steve & Reese. Although each group had their charms I am looking forward to meeting new people and having a new group of friends.

My next update will probably be from the dorm - so wish me luck in getting settled in!