Sunday, November 21, 2004

Its been A while
I find it funny how a lot of my "recent" posts are starting with how I feel like I havent updated in forever. Well, maybe that's because I really haven't this time but thats besides the point. Nothing is really "new." I mean, Dad's still going in and out of the hospital.. I think he will be getting the results back from his last telling to determine if the infection is still in him... Um, the girls bible study finally starting which is really great. So far Im really liking it. Ive already learning a few things and am ready to dig deeper so I can grow closer to the Lord. Um, the winter missions are in the process of actually happening. But I get the feeling it's not God's will for me to go this time. Obviously I can't know for sure, like if someone just gave me money to go or something then yeah, but.. I dont know, I dont feel as strong a desire to go as I did for New York. Maybe nobody does and thats to be expected I guess, but it's just not something I feel called to do. Again, I gotta' stress that it could just be satan trying to sway me out of it or just my own understanding telling me that I cant afford it but.. I dont know, Im just waiting for the Lords answer on it all. Another kinda small but I guess big thing that happened recently is that Ive been praying out loud. I dont even know when my first time was.. I think 2 weeks ago at youth group? With the exception of the womans retreat a while ago and Tuesday mornings at school. It's cool though.. Like, it's not really a big deal for me because I pray out loud every night to myself.. I think the major difference is that for some reason when I pray out loud in group or with someone else I kinda' lose my train of thought or what I was going to say and I just kind of fumble over my words. Its a little embarassing but no biggie. Um, then theres my journalism class which is going okay. Weve been writing a lot of leads on sample stories... About half of the class is seniors and I think we're all being graded equally so that means I have to step up a notch. Lately Ive felt really compelled to lift up Theo and Tiffany and Emanuel in prayer. I think thats because a lot of my thoughts have been focused on Peter and Sancha because they're somewhat interested in coming to church so it feels like.. I should just be lifting them up but in reality I need to be praying for all of them because I care about each of them and they all need so much prayer and guidance from the Lord that it shouldn't be my decision who I lift up and who I dont. I havent talked to Theo in..a really long time and I dont think he is going to talk to me even if I try to call him so obviously the only thing I can do in that situation is pray for him. Emanuel has a girlfriend now or something and is busy planning stuff with her so we havent hung out.. Umm. Yeah, well Im done babbling. Nothing really else to say accept that God is so faithful if we just reach out to Him. He will answer us if we just ask him. Soo. JUST ASK HIM! lol