Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy '09

Wow. Yeah, I havent updated in awhile. Basically - Kevin and I are NOT friends at all anymore. Travis and I are back together and things are going good. Were real patient and real with eachother - no games, no bullshit. I was planning on going to Texas for a few months to get my life in order but plans fell through - I'm still welcome to go but now it doesnt seem like it would help.

Um, looking back at '08... FUCK YEAH its OVER. I went through a hellish break-up...A terrible bullshit friendship falling apart, and lots of money issues. Aside from that, I got a UTI, and I've ended the year with 2+ straight weeks of a migraine, kidney/abdominal pains, and weight gain. Yeah, great way to start the new year. But I'm staying positive. I have Travis, I have a job, and I'm working on my novel.

More to come -- <33