Monday, October 09, 2006

College Stuff
Hey, its been a month since I last updated. Sorry. Partly because I've been busy and partly because I just dont know what to write. So whats new: I've been applying to colleges and writing essays and doing campus visits and going to church & small group and doing that whole school thing plus clubs on tuesday and thursday and blah blah! Last Saturday, the 30th, I went to NIU for a campus visit. It was nice - I had an interview with an admissions councelor and he basically told me I'd have no trouble getting accepted. Comforting but also dissapointing because I want to attend a competative school, so NIU remains a backup. Also, I've sort of had second thoughts about Wheaton, North Central, Roosevelt, and Elmhurst. Haha. I dont know if I want to go to Wheaton because its a Christian school and I'm not sure that I want to be surrounded by fellow believers. I mean, I love fellowship but at the same time I feel like I'd be putting myself in a quaint little bubble if I were to go there - I dont think its what God is calling me to do BUT I am most likely still going to apply there in case Im not hearing God correctly. Then there's Elmhurst; they offer all the classes I want but they're only 25 minutes away. That is really anti climatic I think, it's basically a community college and I'd rather go to NIU than them. North Central is a good school but again, I'm not sure that it has the distance that I'm looking for. (Given, NIU is only an hour away). Also, from what I've heard, North Central doesnt have the best english program (not that its bad, they're just not known for it). Finally, Roosevelt. I thought they offered all the courses that I'm interesting in but it turns out they dont. All they offer are the english classes - and I dont think thats enough for me to live in Chicago. Then again, I dont know! As I'm sure you've realized, I just dont know. My top choice is Illinois Wesleyan but they are really hard to get into so I dont think I have much of a chance. Then there is Monmouth College which is about 3.5 hours away (located in bufu) but 17% major in english so it may be a really good place for me to start.
Otherwise, church is going good. We attend a small group on Saturday mornings and church service on Sunday evenings. It's nice - though opposite our former schedule of Ro0ts on Saturday night and church on Sunday morning. Anyway, its going good. We're making some good friends there and they are mostly all out of college so they are really helpful to me right now. Michelle (a girl from small group, also an english teacher) offered to look over my college essays. Also, Jenna (one of the girls at small group) offered to take me driving!! So things are going well - I'm pleased. Right now we are going through the book of Acts which is hard but at the same time it's good for me because I dont understand a lot of whats in Acts. But enough said, I have a lot of work to do on this day off. (thankyou Canada for Columbus Day!)