Thursday, April 29, 2004

Well, Ive gotten a request that I update more, so here I do. Theres pretty much only one major thing on my mind I guess I'll just talk about that. Theo. But..I cant really say anything because...I dont know who reads this and I wouldnt want to...disclose any personal information about his situation. So nevermind.
Umm. Tomorrow is the womans retreat. ::So excited!::
I stayed home sick today. I probably wouldnt have been able to..but since I have plans for the weekend, I need to be in good health. Yay. Shucks, I dont have much to say.
I dont talk to Jesse anymore..he..has been bothering me. All the sudden, he likes secular music..and he was talking about britney spears' looks..and how he loves the R & B songs... And...yeah, we just anymore. So I guess thats over. Best of luck to his life., ::sigh::
Paul is in my seminar now...but he still doesnt talk to me. No biggie I guess. He has to hang with Caleb and talk about their band..whatever.
Eh. Yeah...I dont know whats going on with me and eman...we talk a bit now...but i just dont know. For a little there I thought I liked him but Im brushing it aside. He doesnt appear to want to hang out at all, or..well, talk.
Peter...I dont even know, we dont talk all. Not since that assembly a while back where we sat by eachother.
Tracie and Adal..yeah, dont talk to them. I dont really see Adal but when I do hes always with some friends. And Tracie and me dont talk really..shes always with her group of friends.
Alyssa. She hangs out with me at lunch on most days. Shes cool.
Sarah. She..shes cool. She talks with me a gym and seminar since we have them together. We always stick together in those classes. Heh. And Im so excited about her and Rusty. Its so..cute! The pictures of them..when they met, so cute..Ah! yay
Mel and Tiff...tiff wants to come to church/youth group sometime. I cant wait. Im very excited about that. And Mel..we dont talk...she doesnt help me on my homework anymore either.
Umm. Who am I forgetting? Juana. I talked to her last for a bit. but we dont seem to have much in common anymore. I still love her, but..since we barely see eachother its just kinda like.. "oh yeah, hey" ya' know?
Well, i think thats about it for all my old friends, cept' meg and linda..who im trying to make plans with but havent talked to in a while.

Monday, April 26, 2004

::clears throat::
Hey people. The church "yard sale" was saturday morning. Heh. It was fun. I didnt sleep much at all Friday night. (an hour or two) but it was still so fun. People in Franklin Park were so..much in awe that our church was really giving the stuff away for was sweet. We raised a total of 1,598 or so. Definate success. A few people got to tell others about their faith in God and talk about their testimony, but I wasnt one of them. Heh. All the same, it was a lot of fun. I mostly hung around with Jill and Eric...Crystal was with Charisse, Jackie, and Erik and Dan..and Ryan..mostly..well, yeah. LOL It was nice. My throat hurts right now...too much talking..singing...yelling. hehe
Well, on Sunday I bought some books... I got this book called "The garden" (I think it was) about Adam and Eve and the serpent..and um..this book by..the same author as "If I should die before I wake" I forget its title..and the 34th left behind book. Then today.. (monday) I got the Sky Harbor CD and the 35 and 36th left behind books. Fun right? Mom got the new Shane and Shane CD.
Well, so sorry for not posting much at all. Just my computer is sickly slow and I cant handle it. So yeah.
Ill try to post the April schedule and May schedule soon for the bible reading.
Oh, and Im going on that womans retreat this weekend. :-) FUN!
On May 15th, I'll be leading roots (kinda) on my topic (serving others) Im gonna kick! Im so ready! WOOH! lol. Kinda nervous, but nothing TOO big.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Sorry for the short posting last time. I was in the library at school at lunch and i got caught. I didnt know we werent allowed on journals yeah. Anyway. Theo..blah..stressing me out. Besides the religious ordeals with him..he said Emanuel doesnt want to be my friend anymore which is just rude....because he knows eman means a lot to me and that hes one of my best he doesnt even know emanuel so what gives him the right to say that? Im not actually mad at him..because its his just mad that maybe its true..and that he actually said that..because it hurts..YA KNOW? Anyway, he put me and him and Rachel (his girlfriend) on three way calling. It was at like 10:30 PM though, so we didnt talk much. I asked her if she believe in God and some other things, but I was kinda put on the spot so I didnt say much. You know, pressure. But yeah. Im calling him after school to talk about some things. Im also going to talk to Eman, Megan, Shannon, and Linda. yes, im sick of people not calling me. So what? And me and Jesse havent talked all week. hes "busy". I personally dont see how anyone is really too busy for 5 straight days where they cant talk on the phone for 10 minutes. Ah well. he has time to get online and send me emails..but not to call and leave a voice mail or anything. Whatever
Um, math stinks. Dont get it. hate radicals...square roots. blah. Cant stand my math teacher. Oh well, Im dont talking now. Ill try to update more.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Well, as Im sure everyone is wondering...Um, life has been alright. me and jesse arent really talking anymore. ::sigh:; I called Eman a few times lately but he never answers the phone. I talked to Megan for about 20 minutes and we want to hang out soon. Maybe this weekend..and most likely on my birthday (may 10!) I hope anyway. And I talked to Linda, though I have to call her again soon....and we also want to hang out but shes rarely in on my birthday (may 10!) I dont know what I'll be doing for my birthday (May 10!) but Im sure I'll think of something.