Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hostage Situation
My update for now is merely that I am currently living at home - my mom said that I have to go to Calvary Chapel every week until I leave for school and then shell cosign my loan and allow me to live at home. Mostly I have been hanging out with Kami & occassionally Travis because things at home with my ma are so heated. Umm, right now I am with Kami and Travis is coming over so maybe we can do something tonight but I dont know. Apparantly I cant go home tonight because theres a gun situation at my house and it would be nearly impossible to get into the apartment. So in summary I feel like Im a hostage where I live and theres a hostage situation (or something) occurring there now. Kind of ironic I guess. Im excited for student orientation which is a week from today and then Cornerstone which is just under two weeks from today. Ummm. For more updates go to my poetry blog because thats basically all I do now... write poems or think about what to write in a poem. haha. http://acidictear.blogspot.com

Monday, June 04, 2007

Ah - to be an adult
Hey.. again, this update wont be very efficient in getting across everything that has been going on. For now, I will talk about what has happened in only the past day. The other night I had Kami and Travis over to watch "Grind" because neither of them had seen it. After we finished watching that we watched "Clarissa Explains it All" for a while - Kami left eventually due to exhaustion and me & Travis stayed to finished watching Clarissa. All good and innocent - I mean, geez, at the very most it was only nostalgic. Well me & Travis went to my room and my ma came home early from work - she freaked out and I left. When I came home I had every intention of simply apologizing and explaining...I even wrote a cute little note but when she woke up she immediately started freaking out - called me a slut and a pagan and told me to leave. Loving, no? She also told me theres no way she is cosigning my loan for NIU. So as of today I am homeless (staying with Kami & Travis back and forth this week) and I cant go to school I guess... I am going to talk to the financial adviser at the school but I know already there is nothing they can do for me. I have all the expectations put on me and the responsibilities of being an 18 year old - technically an adult - but none of the benefits. I cant take out my own loans for school so whats the point?!! Yeah, I'm upset and I'm not quite sure what my next step is.