Tuesday, February 22, 2005

CNN news report
{ ROME, Italy (AP) -- Two members of a heavy metal group called the "Beasts of Satan" who confessed to taking part in three ritual Satanic slayings were sentenced to prison Tuesday, and a third defendant was acquitted, Italian media reported.
Andrea Volpe, Pietro Guerrieri and Mario Maccione had confessed to roles in the grisly 1998 killings of Chiara Marino, 19, and Fabio Tollis, 16, in the woods outside of Milan. Five other members of their suspected Satanic cult have been ordered to stand trial in June.
Volpe, considered the mastermind of the ritual killings, was sentenced to 30 years in prison -- 10 more than prosecutors had asked for, the ANSA news agency said. Guerrieri was given 16 years in prison, and Maccione -- who authorities said played secondary role in the murders -- was cleared, according to the report.
Prosecutors said the suspects belonged to an occult sect that carried out the January 1998 killings in a drug-fueled Satanic ritual in woods near Somma Lombardo, northwest of Milan. Marino and Tollis were killed and buried next to each other.
Authorities say they had tried once before to kill the two by burning them alive in a car on New Year's Eve.
In the third slaying in January 2004, Mariangela Pezzotta -- Volpe's girlfriend -- was shot and then buried alive. The Pezzotta case led authorities to the buried remains of Tollis and Marino.
The cult members also stand accused of pushing a boy to commit suicide.
Prosecutors asked for relatively light prison terms because the suspects cooperated with the investigation and expressed remorse. Prosecutors and court officials were not immediately available for comment after the ruling Tuesday.
Relatives of the victims expressed outrage that prosecutors did not seek life terms.
"They are murderers," Lina Marino, mother of Chiara Marino, told Italian television reporters. "It's not fair."
The verdict comes amid growing concern in Italy that young people are turning to Satanism and the occult. On Thursday, a Vatican-linked university opened a two-month course on diabolical possession and exorcism. }
Anyway, Tiffany slept over this weekend and did the whole youth group and church thing. By the end of the weekend, she told me she wants to know more about God! :-) WOOP! So every other week we will meet before Roots and I'll talk with her about God and Jesus and the bible. Also, this girl at school wants to know more about the bible and God (but i cant give names) so its exciting. Kami is supposed to come to youth group this week, and Megan next week. Exciting stuff!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

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The trials of Milfer Loodens: Journey to Nolybab Wen

In a large log in a small forest lived a Lunker. Not a dirty log, with worms and maggots crawling inside and the smell of rotted wet wood; nor a dry log with decaying wood and ants and spiders living among it.
This log was the perfect size and temperature for a Lunker to live. It had a small circular door attached at the end that was painted orange with a brass knob in the center. If one walked inside, one would see a long hall-type area with wooden floors, yellow walls, and a lot of paintings; many – of which – matched up to one another. On either side of the hall there laid four doors. Each door contained a small label in the center that declared its purpose. As you walk down, the first door to the left – which was purple - read ‘Tonlar’; and to the right – which was green - read ‘Selitneg.’ The second door to the left – which was orange - read ‘Lunker’; and to the right – which was blue - read ‘Menkar.’
The Lunkers were the least respected of the four. They were known to be rude, cruel creatures that loved to play tricks on people. But anyone who gets to know a Lunker knows that is not quite the case.
Take Cawfie Loodens – for example – who gets along with all the Selitneg’s and Tonlars and Menkars. He loves to play dirty tricks, like planting explosive dirt in the Menkars beds – the Menkars are obsessive compulsive about cleaning, so when the dirt bomb explodes in their bed they nearly go mad – but it’s obvious to them that he only means for good fun.
But I am not here to talk about the quarrels and friendships between the Lunkers and the Menkars or the Tonlars and the Selitneg’s. Oh no, I am here to tell you the courageous tale of Milfer Loodens. Milfer Loodens was the nephew to Cawfie and has lived with him since before he can remember. Milfer has asked Cawfie where his real parents are and how they ended up in Noitalever Logs – the log they live in, but Cawfie always finds a way to deflect the questions and tells stories of his childhood.
All of Milfer’s friends told him he belonged in Nolybab Wen, where his parents originated. They said he was a bad kid because of the jokes his uncle played on their parents but that they would accept him anyway because they pitied him. He accepted whatever gratitude they gave him but did not want to settle for “that’s just the way it is” anymore.
Here is where the story starts. Milfer Loodens, nephew of Cawfie and townsman of Noitalever Logs at age 78 – which is equivalent to 15 in human years – began his journey to Nolybab Wen where he expected to find some answers.
He packed an orange bandanna full of clothes and food and a bit of money to get him along the way. Though he did not know where it was, or how to get there, he was determined to get there no matter what circumstances did present. He had never left Noitalever Logs before but the concept did not scare him but it excited him. He would be the first Lunker to leave.
On his way out, his three best friends, Leikeze, Arze, and Wehttam decided they couldn’t bear to watch him make a fool of himself alone and insisted they join him; though Milfer knew they really just wanted to get in on the adventure of their lifetimes. Leikeze packed his red bandanna chock full of food and drinks. Arze packed his green bandanna to the brim with weaponry and money. Wehttam did not take his blue bandanna though; he merely took a book with him.
The four friends stopped at the large orange door to Noitalever Logs and, without saying a word, said more than they’d ever spoken to one another before.
The journey began. They had to go through Natas falls, travel around Mount Nomed, go under Lufnis Forest and journey through Nevaeh Valley before arriving at Nolybab Wen. They had no idea what sort of dangers, trials, and tribulations lay ahead. They did not know what sort of wars and battles may be waging on in those places. They did know which way to go. All they knew was they were in this together, completely oblivious to the world around them, and they had one thing on their side that not many people would have. Yaweh.
This is a short story I wrote today to enter in Literary Magazine at school. lol. I thought it was kind of creative.. But I dont know, I think I picture it better in my head than I write. Mind you, it's just an introudction to a story because I can not write a SHORT story. I tried yesterday and it was 4 and a half pages long which I dont think they consider short. But I dont know.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Is school really safe anymore?

CHICAGO -- A reportedly missing woman was found dead Thursday in a field near a Hoffman Estates high school.The woman was found at 1100 W. Higgins Road in the northwestern suburb, according to a Cook County Medical Examiner's Office spokesman. Her identity was being withheld Thursday night pending family notification.The woman was discovered at 2:30 p.m. lying in a field at the Higgins Road address, according to a Hoffman Estates police news release. Police determined she was the same 48-year-old woman from the suburb who was reported missing on Wednesday, the release said.There were no signs of foul play, the release stated.An SBC telephone directory listed a Hoffman Estates High School at the Higgins Road address, as did the school's Web site.The woman was pronounced dead at 6 p.m. at the Stein Institute, the spokesman said.A Hoffman Estates police representative would not release further information Thursday night.

I go to Hoffman Estates High School (they're voting for the referendum April 5!)... They did not tell us anything about this at school. Crystal has a friend, Alena. And Alena knows the daughter of the woman who was found. I dont know if it was murder or suicide, but that is really sad and a bit freaky (if it was murder) and I can not believe nobody said anything in school. But yeah. Lately Ive just been doing English work.. (memorizing vocabulary and reading Julius Caesar) and catching up on the Left Behind series. The 40th, and final, book in the series in out. I finally got #39. Its so dramatic, as everything Ive waited to happen for 30 books is finally happening! lol Also Ive been messing around a lot in photoshop, its cool. PEOPLE, LET ME TAKE MORE PICTURES OF YOU! gr. Im running out of good material to mess with. lol. Here's a little sample of what I mean by "messing with."

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