Wednesday, September 28, 2005

H20 Club
Yesterday I went to a book signing for Tamora Pierce at Borders with my sister. I read eight of Tamoras books around seventh grade, but none recently. I really enjoyed her books [reccomended by none other than my close friend Melody -Tiffanys older sister-] and I really enjoyed seeing her speak. She was surpringsly blunt, but extremely funny. Cool lady, I like her. Other than that, not too much has been going on. "Christian" club is set to start up next Tuesday, with me as the general leader, but as of yet Im not too sure if that is going to happen. I havent been able to get ahold of the sponsor for the club and that means there are no posters around the school, no designated room number, etc.. Im thinking this may just be a minor set back from the enemy but I'm just trying to let it play out. I'm a little nervous going into all this because Im not much for public speaking. I know, whoever is reading this should know, we all know it.. And not to mention the fact that I was only able to pray about it for a few weeks (taking into account my problem with slacking off in my prayer life lately) so Im just, hesitant... about going into this without a very blunt "YES" from God. lol. Perhaps that "YES" is still coming, or maybe it never will, but Im going to go ahead with it and see how it plays out because my backing out could just be my own fears and apprehensions and not God telling me I shouldn't. Anyway, so much for my over analytical self taking the better of all situations. But something else that has been bugging me a bit is how it's called "Christian" Club. I dont necessarily like that. I want it to be a sort of outreach to everyone in the school and I want everyone to feel welcome, Christians, Catholics, and Mormans alike. Whether or not there's a difference is for the people to decide, but apparantly the title implies only "Christians" are welcome and I dont want to be the case. Hopefully >cross my fingers<>

Thursday, September 22, 2005

See you at the Pole
Today was a half day at school so afterward I saw "Broken Flowers" with my mom. It was really good. One bad scene, but for once -in a long time- I feel like it was almost necessary to get the point across. So I would definitely reccommend it to yall. Really good movie... Bill Murray and Julie Delpy, how can you go wrong? And in other news, I made a Xanga because Crystal told me to and I figured "why not?" The link is And in even more other news, See you at the pole was Wednesday and it was a rather good turnout. About 10 people showed up but the best part was that a teacher, Mrs. Jackson, told us that the offer for H2O [Christian Club] is still out there. I have been trying to find her for a few days now but she's always in a class when I'm free.. But once I get ahold of her I'm going to try and get that started up and hopefully [cross my fingers] I will get a "Uganda Awareness" thing started up, to let people know what is going on in the world - specifically Africa. I want to get them to agree to play 'Invisible Children' in the History classes but I dont know what the legistics are and if that is even a possibility. We'll see. Pray about it. But that is the only basic new thing right now. Peace out.

Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm middle brained
It's been awhile, since I could.. Um, nothing much has really happened. Jase asked me to do some things for Ro0ts but that's still up in the air, still on the ping pong table in my head. Partners PE is going great- I love those kids so much. One of the boys stands in awe as the freshman girls gym class do their coordinated jumping jacks.

Psychology is going pretty good but Im not good at tests so it's bringing my grade down. I think my teacher for that class has some sense of spirituality in his life but it's hard to tell these days. I was just talking to my mom about when people say they go to church.. Im referring to people who were completely anti-religion for as long as you've known them and then they tell you theyre going to church. Naturally, you want to get excited and what not but the fact of the matter is, we cant because their are so many misleading churches out there and we dont know what they're really be told, etc. So there's that.. and, nothing has been resolved with the friendship issues going around as of yet but I'm praying about it so hopefully it will just work itself out.

And I made a huge accomplishment this week. I finished the Left Behind kids series for good! Number 40 .-]check[-. I started/continued from last year, reading "Case for the Creator" and Im looking forward to gaining knowledge from that book.

Random updates... I went to the Blomers (soon to be) wedding shower this weekend and Mercy's 16th birthday party. All fun times, minus the cold I "suffered" through all night. Today I took my 'potentially' "NEW" car for a spin. It dates back to 1991, but hey man, whatever gets me from A to B [which would most likely be home to church/youth group.] If Im lucky, that will also be home to my job, and home to school. But that depends on getting hired and getting a parking permit. This leaves me with one last thing to say. It has been the center of almost all of my thoughts lately, "Come Jesus, come." I think the time of Jesus' second coming in nearing and that is just my ultimate prayer right now. AMEN? Amen.