Sunday, February 29, 2004

Mm. okay then..Im blond by roots..
Well, things have been interesting lately. I saw Passion on Saturday morning. Theo and his whole family came. I did not know his brother was blind, so now I feel bad that he had to sit through it not being able to see it or understand it because it was in another language. But um, we all cried. It just stuck with me throughout the whole movie that he was going on no sleep, and carrying that stress. Because in the very beginning of the movie, he was sweating blood, which means he like a...medical problem, it really does exist but its really rare because almost nobody can get THAT stressed. So to me, its just amazing..I mean, clearly he was not only man...if he were he'd have died in the scouring and he would have cried out in pain..but he never did. Its just truely amazing.
Anyway, after that, me, Dad, Crystal, and Theo went out to eat. Theo said cucumbers and pickles are the same, and me and crystal laughed...a lot..saying they werent...well, turns out they are. lol. It was soo funny. And I said the stupidest things at youth group! Yousee, some people were dancing, doing some "ancient" moves...and I said "Dont you love the 80's dances? They bounced a lot" and they all looked at me strangly...sooo...I did a demonstation, when I stopped, they all burst out laughing..I just walked out on the balcony and didnt come back it was horrible. And then Heidi told me I looked pretty, and I said thankyou..then Jackie said "Yeah you do Naomi, me and Cherise were like staring at you" and then Tiffany said "turn around" so I did and she said the same thing....Odd. So, later that night in the car, on the way home, I told Crystal about that and she said "maybe crying works for you..that sparkle in your eyes..." and then I said "And all this time I thought happiness was the key...when it turns out being upset works" and the whole car burst out laughing. Then I said Crystal looks weird without eyeliner because it makes her eyes look bigger...I said "I really dont understand eyeliner.......::pause:: I also dont understand airplanes.." and that again, broke them into laughter. Eventually, they all yelled at me to be quiet..because their stomachs hurt...I tried to stop, but everything I said was funny. After that I said" Sorry, maybe Im just having a Jessica Simpson Moment" and then..they laughed and Crystal said "your such a blond" and I gasped and said "only by roots!" again..laughing. lol, it was just..funny.
Okay, anyway. Its b-e-autiful outside! Makes me feel...warm inside. lol. Okay, well, Im gonna shut up now.

About Jesse...we talked on the phone a few times, it was really nice. And we text message a lot. then he went on the retreat this weekend, and I didnt think we'd talk at all. but we did some text messaging. I missed his call once Friday night....I was sleeping. Well, he didnt try to call me again after that...kinda felt like he was mad at me, but naturally, I brushed it off, figuring he was busy. DUH! Well, then on Saturday he finally text'd me back..and said "how are you doing?" I said "Im okay, Theo is here, we saw passion" and he said "oh, bye" and he was like..mad, the rest of the time. I dont even know whats going on but its making me frusterated. Should I just..give up? I mean, he gets mad at me a lot..but I love talking to him..hes such an awesome person. What to do? Naomi does not know....

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Grandpa Gene's funeral

Well, the funeral was today. It was pretty nice. I started tearing up a lot...the worst part was when Uncle Don went up and said some things. He was so close to Gene, and his voice was breaking. It was so sad. And my little cousin Isabel kept saying "Where's grandpa Gene?" Ohh, it was tearing us all apart. what the service was.
Cover ---> As our loved ones knock at the door Our Father waits with open arms to welcome them into his home forever.

Inside left ----->
Mess of Christian Burial
Celebrating the Life of
Eugene Hughs
Saint Marcelline Catholic Church
February 26, 2004
The procession to the Baptismal Font
Jesus remember me, when you come into your Kingdom.
The Opening Hymn: Be Not Afraid
You shall cross the barren desert, but you shall not die of thirst
You shall wander far in safter though you do not know the way.
You shall speak your words in foreign lands and all will
understand. You shall see the face of God and live.

Refrain: Be not afraid. I go before you always. Come follow me. And I will give you rest.

If you pass through raging water in the sea, you shall not drow.
If you walk amid the burning flames, you shall not be harmed.
If you stand before the power of hell and death is at your side,
Know that I am with you through it all. Refrain

Inside right ---->
The Liturgy of the Word
The first reading: Job 19: 23-27
Pslam Response: My soul is still
Refrain: In you, O Lord, I have found my peace, I have found my peace.
The second reading: Thessalonians 4: 3-18
The Gospel Acclamation: Gregorian Chant
The Gospel

The Liturgy of the Eucharist
Preparation of the girst - Here I am the Lord
I, the Lord of sea and sky, I have heard my people cry
ALl who dwell and dark and sin, my hand will save.
I who made the stars of night,
I will make their darkness bright
Who will bear my light to them? Who shall I send?

Refrain: Here I am, Lord. Is it I, Lord?
I have heard you calling in the night,
I will go Lord, if you lead me.
I will hold your people in my heart

I, the Lord of snow and rain, I have borne my people's pain
I have wept for love of them. They turn away.
I will break their hearts of stone, give them hearts for love alone
I will speak my words to them. Whom shall I send (Refrain)

Hymn at Communion - On Eagles Wings
You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord
who abide in his shadow of life
say to the Lord: "My refuge, my rock in whom I trust!"

Refrain: And he will raise you up on eagles wings,
Bear you on the breath of dawn,
make you shine line the sun
and hold you in the palm of his hand

The snare of the fowler will never capture you,
and famine will bring you no fear;
Under his wings your refuge
his faithfullness your sheild (refrain)

The Final Commendation
Saints of God
Cantor: Receive his soul,
All: Recieve his soul,
Cantor: and present him to God the Most High
All: and present him to God the Most High

Songs of Farewell
May the choir of angles come to greet you.
May they speed you to paradise.
May the Lord enfold you in his mercy.
May you find eternal life.

Well, it was just very emotional. Afterwards, we went to the "shake of the feeling of funeral" Mom bought us each a new scarf..and then she got me the new Kutless CD...Also, Dad came home...WEIRD? I know. Um, he had...a...paralyzed..bowel..thing..basically his kidneys failed. But yeah. I think hes doing better..hopefully he wont have to go back.
Well, lets see. Dad gave me permission to talk with Jesse on the phone. Its great. I mean..I dont really know what to say so hes always yelling at me for not taling, but its fun. Hes so funny, I love him. I love talking to him. Hes great. I cant wait until we talk again! Hehe.
But um, yeah. Things are..weird. Jesse said to me last night that Im awesome or something not going too well, with Dad in and out of the hospital, and Tobi, and grandpa Gene, etc..and yet Im still happy...So, that was really cool to be told...Well, yes. Anyway. bye for now.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Sooo. Dads going back into the hospital tonight..he gained 40IBS in one week..and 100 since he got out of the hospital... His brother died at 300 IBS...of a heart attack. (identical twin)
Umm. Grandpa gene's brother is in town. hes very rude. He says...GD..a lot.. (Gosh..darnit) And...he doesnt seem to grieve much at all. He only cares about the money. He wont even get an autopsy fo Gene...(too much money he says) just makes me sad...
Apparantly not much of genes family...liked him. I dont know why...But, anyway. The funeral is Thursday morning.
Mom is going to be driving us to and from school...for awhile..while Dads gone..

Saturday, February 21, 2004

First to arrive.
So, I guess people are wondering why I havent been updating...well, here is whats been going down.
On Thursday night, I felt really sick. Crystal was staying home Friday, and I thought I had to go to school. I got in bed at 7:00pm, only intending to take a nap, but I was up at 8:00.....AM. So, I stayed home sick. But that night...I had a horrible dream...Cleo was laying in my bed..her legs sticking out straight, and her tongue hanging out..then, the phone rang and it was the vet. They said Cleo had AIDS and STD (weird...I know) But um..I told my dad, and was crying, and he was like "she'd be dead if that were true, dont worry" and I said "SHE IS DEAD!" and I was crying really hard..and then my cousins took me to the pet store to get a new dog...and then they said Cleo might not be dead..getting my hopes up...but she was dead...Oh my goodness, it was horrible. The rest of Friday went okay. Nothing big happened. I havent talked to Jesse for like, ever. I think sinse Wednesday night, I miss him. :-( I hope we talk soon. Anyway, around 2:00 AM this morning...I got a call from Jackie. Yeah..she said....Grandpa gene died.
What happened was...He was supposed to go to some party for his friends I think (And he never, ever misses parties..hes always the first one to arrive...ALWAYS) anyway, he didnt show up. So, they sent someone to go to his house..and he was found in bed, dead...
The wake is either Sunday or Monday.. If its monday were not going to school.
I just..I cant belive it. He was so healthy..He wrote a book..and was planning on writing another..He...he didnt even write out a will, because he was so healthy..and...all they found was some letter saying if he were to die..leave everything to his brother...oh man, its just..really..ah..I dont know what to make of it. I wanted to talk about his book and getting in published on Easter..and..I just sent him that letter about New York..and..he was going to give all of us some support for the trip (Me, Crystal, Jackie, Jill, Julia. And Crystal..she never got to tell him she liked sushi. he said it was an acquired taste...she never got to tell him she liked it..
And my mom..she left a message on my phone..she said "Im not really worried about him...Im more worried about you guys.." she sounded like..happy. It doesnt surprise me..yet it does. :-(
Well, I guess thats about it lately... ::pause, staring at table:: yeah...

I wont ever he was the first to arrive..and he always payed for everyones dinner at our get togethers..It was so nice of him. he always poked at us to eat shrimp..heh. And how he said Madison was a bad girls name...and he argued that point with Uncle was funny. He had some interesting opinions..about reality TV. heh. And oh, how he traveled so often..He has probably been everywhere. And the story of him and grandma...He loved her, and we all know she loved him. Atleast, thats what mom tells me. But, she knew she was going to die..because she had cancer, so when he proposed to her, she said no. She did die...Well, he always stayed part of the family..which is why I call him grandpa..
Oh man..
I just got a call from Jackie
Yes, at 2:00 am..
Grandpa Gene died..
They are guessing Wednesday..but they only found his body today
The wake is Sunday or monday..
::Tear:: I cant beleive this

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

buddy: You know I've read some interesting stuff. I've read things that would baffle shakespeare himself, yet this is simple. This is real. This piece seems to just scream BITTER LIFE!
buddy: you hold so many emotions back in the world, yet they seems to spill onto the page as if a damn had been broken
buddy: I felt like I could actually see you writing this and feel the words
buddy: I saw what you saw, and for a writer to be able to do that, that is power!

(About chapter one of my book)

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Nothing days, something nights
So...Valentines Day stunk. Theo didnt hang out with me. His phone was dead or I couldnt get ahold of him.
Well, um. Apparantly the wedding was good. I wouldnt I talked to Jesse (best online friend) yesterday. I talked to him on voice chat while he typed because he doesnt have a mic. It was so fun.. I want to talk to him now! ^_^ I stayed up 2 hours past when I wanted to because I was talking to him. Oh well! Ill talk to him later today, I hope.
Nothing much else is new...
So, my eyes burn really bad right now. I slept for four hours...and I dont feel good. My head still hurts from last night (cleo wouldnt stop barking) and my muscles hurt. Dont know why. I want to go home and lay in bed...with a labtop (if I had one) and chat. AHH!
Im only in second block.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Best movies :
White Oleander
Left behind
Extreme Days
Down with Love
Moulin Rouge
Lord of the Ring (1,2, and 3)
Happily Ever After (cartoon)
Queen of the Damned
Dr. Giggles
Interview with the Vampire
Hangmans Curse
Big Fish
Butterfly Effect
Nicholes Nicklebee (not spelled correctly)
He loves me he loves me not
Sleepy hollow
My boyfriends back
The Labyrinth
16 candles
Friends til' the end
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Storm of the Century
You've got mail

Thursday, February 12, 2004

yeah yeah yeah
Today was weird. Things were very blah. At lunch, I started tearing up because I was bored, so I started reading chapter one of my book, and I read the part about..the goodbye to Tobi, and it hit me. Heh, but after that, in Art, I found out three of the only kids I like in the class are dropping. And I asked the teacher "Is this class going to get any funner?" and she gave me the MEANEST look! The whole class was like "Oooh!" and she glared at me soo bad, then said" not anymore, it will be hell for you now" and then she started working.EEK! Bad move Naomi! I didnt mean it like that! I was just wondering..::sigh:: Kinda funny though.
Anyway, after school Mom stopped over and gave me and Crystal a Valentines Day present. Very cute! I ate the candy, and I had a peice of bread! BAD! I lasted all week, though, I was eating 10 carbs a day.. ::sigh:: whatever.
Also, Dawne stopped up and said she'd give me and Crystal $25.00 each! Thats awesome! Not immediately, but soon.
no title
So, my friend Emily might give me $20.00 for the trip. HOW NICE! i was just telling her about it and she offered. :-) Fun.
Um, I talked to theo last night. Im supposed to hang out with him this weekend, so I dont think Ill be going to the wedding. Also
Jason asked Theo to have lunch with him. HOW CUTE! hehe. I hope Theo can go, that'd be cool. Jason is awesome. UMMMMM.
I also talked to Theos step brother. hes pretty nice. Kinda' odd, but nice all the same, as far as I can see. Oh well.
Math is hard! not getting easier. Art is sickeningly boring! Lots of people are dropping it. I wish I could.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Okay, so I havent updated in awhile, but hey.
Lets see now. Saturday after youth group, Crystal, Dan, and Jackie took me aside in the other room and talked to me about everything.
Apparantly I am sending a bad message to non believers. And also, they think I am straying from my path, which sucks, because theres not much of a way I can prove anything to them. So, yeah, i guess were just stuck like this.
Umm, before youth group the parents came in to talk about the new york trip. Were suppsoed to go, but I need to tell them this Sunday if Im going or not. I think i am, but I need $50.00 by Feb. 29th, and $500.00 total by June. So, I dont know what will happen.
im in computer literacy right now, and my arms hurt! I just typed A LOT!
Well, talk later. bye

Friday, February 06, 2004

Verse 1
Wait, I might hesitate,
Am I a minute too late?
Please Lord, I need to know,
This pressure’s got me lettin‚ go
If I’m wrong, will I still carry on,
And end up where I belong?
I’ve never felt this way, before

I’ve never come so close,
I’ve never worn so thin,
I’m stepping out, instead of closing in
I left myself behind.
When I made up my mind,
No turnin‚ back this time,
This is my new design

Sometimes, I feel so alone,
It feels like I’m standing‚ on my own,
And I’ve never, felt so far from home,
it's comin‚ on, it hits me when I step
outside my zone (2 x’s)

Verse 2
I see, what you‚re doin‚ to me,
'could of bin‚ you so easily,
but you look the other way,
Even though we were close the other day
And I‚m still tryin‚ to get up this hill,
I need you just like a pill,
And I’ve never felt this way before



Do ya get the feelin’, everything will be alright?
I’m mo-vin‚, so please to meet you,
But I-am-movin‚ on, tried to pass it to another,
But it‚s comin‚ on, I can‚t wait to find out
Break-me, I can't seem to climb out,
Of-this, hole, I’m stuck again,
If I’m not out in a minute, I‚m jumpin‚ in,
Let’s start again
I‚m sick of this

Let's just, get it out, are ya feelin' it?
Move back, ya wanna feel how real it is? (x2)

Sometimes I feel so a-lone!!!!!
Thousand Foot Krutch "Climb"
Verse 1 & 2
From in the middle of the room,
She hears the conversation moving,
Further from where she's going, without even knowing
Now, the vibrations in the floor,
Are getting closer to the door, and,
Is this the way you, let your problems drift away to

I climb, so high, it blows me away sometimes,
See through, my holes, into this place I call my own
This time, I’ll try, it’s in the air tonight,
Sleep tonight, no more cryin’,
'cause I've got you on my side

I don’t want you to be, anything at all,
I just want you to say, you love me,
I don't care, just stop living like this
I don't want to be, anything at all,
I just want you to see, who I am,
And stop the violence, no more silence

I'm gonna show Ya I'm alive,
Breathing clearly for the first time,
Take me in Your arms,
Take me, to the, place where, You are
I needed time to clear my mind,
Keeping balanced on this line,
Was impossible, before I met You

I climb, so high, it blows me away sometimes,

Sleep tonight, no more cryin',
'cause I've got you on my side (Chorus )

I'll shout from the top of the rooftop singing,
I'm not afraid of the bed I lay in,
Listen to the sound of the voices ringing,
I can't deny it, no more silence
We'll shout from the top of the rooftop singing,
We're not afraid of the bed we lay in,
Listen to the sound of the voices ringing,
I can't deny it, no more silence

talked to Constantine and Joey at lunch.
Costantine wanted me to go to the Gone concert. (Gone is his band)
Talked to Theo for an hour last night.
Good fun.
Supposed to hang out next weekend.
Well..twas awkward.
I told Constantine i wouldnt go to his concert.
Also said I didnt like most all the heavy metal bands.
He was shocked.
Well, bye people.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Dan called me today...
::long sigh:: Someone signed my guestbook at today. They said, " I'm sorry but your website seems seem like a Christian but you have poems like lying in your arms..which is just plain masacistic...and links to sites about satanic shows...i'm not trying to judge you or look down on you but those unsaved souls who see your site can easily get the wrong ideas about Christains.. In His Love" Soo..I think it was Dan. I cant know for sure, but he called me today and asked for the URL to my site. I gave it to him...and now Im online, and that was signed in my guestbook from "Hardcore Christian" which sounds like Dan. I cant believe this happened..It's like he read the first poem on the site and made an opinion. He does not know what Ive been through, and he does not know the reasons I write certain poems. Whatever, just writing to say Im really...really upset.
oh boy...Theo wrote in his journal..:sigh:: So what if I have trust issues? And he said he has a big secret he has to tell me but cant..he thinks I wont be his friend anymore.. -_- of course I will! I wont just dump him..i cant imagine what it could be if he thinks I'll just drop know?! I gotta' talk to him..soon!
Jesse is really strong in his faith now. he hit rock bottom. Thank God hes closer to God now. Its awesome.
Well, gotta go. Class is starting.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Whats wrong?
Well, Theo was bugging me last night about what's wrong. So was this kid Jason I met online in yahoo. Why should I tell anyone? I mean, talking about it wont help. It seems stupid to everyone else anyway. ::sigh:: Oh well, its good to know Theo atleast noticed...nobody else has yet. People think Im just mad at Crystal, but come on...would that get me down this much? NO.
I read in Theo's journal he was reading a bit of the bible last night, of Corinthians. Thats awesome. I gotta' take a step up on my prayers. :-)
Umm. I need math tutoring..i dont get this distribution stuff.
And I cant get the proper technique in computer literacy...and in art, I dont have 10 dollars to pay for the supplies. Dad wont give it to me and Crystal said to just tell them Dad was in the hospital all summer and doesnt have a job. AS IF I WANT PITY!!!? Grr. Its okay..only 4 more years...or less.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Reason to update, unknown
Today wasn't anything special. In first block seminar I read Left Behind 31I read all of it. About 146 pages in 1.5 hours. Not bad. And I read 5 chapters at lunch in Forbidden Doors 12. Soo, Theo can tell something is wrong. :-\ I dont want to talk about it..its stupid problems that dont mean anything. Okay, Im sick of Crystal and Dad..and so what? I dont care about not talking to people anymore. Who cares?! ::sigh:: I didnt go to youth group on Saturday. Crystal told them all it was because I was being a brat. Well, truth...Crystal keeps telling me I have an attitude..well, yes, I do. But did nobody notice the attitude she gives to me?! HOW CAN I BE COMPLETELY CALM IF SHE GIVES ME THAT ATTITUDE! Well, I tried not talking, but Dads on my case "whats wrong?" and when I said nothing a good 10 times in a row he'd say "dont give me that attitude!" AHH! I cant wait until Im 18..maybe I wont go straight to New Zealand..but Im off to California.
Havent talked to Paul at all.
Nor Peter.
Talked to Theo and Eman a bit today.
Said Hi to Juana a few times in the hall.
Thats pretty much it.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Major prayer request.
Oh my goodness. Right now, this young lady who lives in the studio below us is here. Shes crying...because her husband was beating her. She really..scared. I was just praying. Please, anyone who reads this, just lift her up. I dont know her name, but I hope you can think of something to ask for. Thankyou. More updates later.