Monday, October 26, 2009

Head in the Pool

I want to bury my head under water

So that everything is muffled

So that the people standing above me

Are nothing but a blur

And the words they are saying

Is nothing but monotone babbling.

I want the water to eclipse my thoughts

I want it to fill my ears

And drip into my mind

Like a river running from earlobe

To earlobe.

I want to look up

And see the light

I want to be blinded by it

And let the chlorine burn into my iris.

I want my muscles to struggle

Just a little bit more

As my limbs move about

I want to bury my head under water

For just a second

And escape that reality floating above me.

And maybe

If I’m lucky –

When I do emerge from the pool

The water will have clogged my ears

So that I cannot hear you speaking clearly

So that your words are muffled

And your voice sounds different

& then, maybe

If I’m lucky

I’ll forget who you are

And what you did

And the past we had

And I’ll fall in love, again.

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