Thursday, September 17, 2009


Got promoted at work a few months ago, kinda. I got a title and a raise, but I was moved to Food avenue to its hard to see it as a promotion. Still - I'm in charge so it's nice. Work alone all day. Still single. And lacking in friends. Spending most of my time (like 8 hours a day!) working on my writing. I got a channel on youtube with some animated poetry and I'm working on my newest poetry anthology which is coming along nicely. Lastly I got my novel which is coming along the slowest. Only on chapter 5 out of 12. Also, today was day one of my Mother Daughter diet of eating only lean meat (tuna, chicken, salmon, turkey), vegetables (mostly carrots, celery, green beans, peas) and salad with the occasional snack of peanut butter with the celery or graham crackers. Relish sometimes for the tuna, and maybe some baby pickles. In one months we hope to drop ten pounds, before the retreat in November we hope to drop a dress size, our reward will be a nice hair cut.

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